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Hardwell ft JGUAR - Being Alive (Jarel Gomes Piano)

Upload : 5 Jan 2019
Channel  : Jarel Gomes
Duration : 4.24
57   9   2

Originally recorded and released by Hardwell and JGUAR.

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"Hey guys, you loved my cover? I hope you did. On the other hand, if there are some mistakes or things you don't feel comfortable with, I am sorry. I just want to take my covers to the next level slowly... Do comment below for any song requests I am willing to do as much as I can as long as there are no major events happening nearby... There will definitely be more upcoming videos including new & modern, pop and classics monthly. Keep track with my playlists consisting of 10 videos each. Hope u guys will like and support my videos as a sign of support, that means a lot to me. Like the video, share on any social medias if you really want to support me and also like always do subscribe, it means much to me... Guys, you can give any advice regarding my covers to make it better especially in any recording methods which will be more efficient than right now 
Peace ✌️"
∼ Jarel 😉


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